Monday, 27 June 2016

All's Well That Ends Well

I wanted some rain, and I got it. It was more that 'some'. Be careful what you wish for. It was raining cats and dogs for more than half an hour.

Pity I haven't more plastic barrels like that. I could fill at least ten of them!

The most horrible was the strong wind that accompanied the rain. To my surprise, it did not do much damage in the garden. But it did in the town park and the parts of the town which are on the higher ground. The phone has been ringing all the time, my friends checking out how I am. They have water in the cellar and broken trees in the garden.

The town park borders with my and my neighbour's gardens and serves much as the protection from wind. But, the old oak trees couldn't resist. They broke as the toothpicks.

Alcea 'Peaches and Dreams'

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Been Busy...

Red currant is ripe and ready to pick up. I got 2 kg from one bush.  Five to go but, not today. I can do it only early in the morning. It is very hot outside.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Pesky Pests

To my horror, I found the two different pests on my plants in the garden. I say 'horror' because the first one is exactly that. It is a moth that attacks the box called Cydalima perspectalis. It is not native to Croatia and has no predators here. It came with the plant material from Asia and spreads all over the Europe as well. The caterpillar may be so numerous, that they could destroy the entire hedges literally overnight. And, it could be up to three generations of them in a year. I had no other choice, but to spray insecticides. We'll see what happens next. 

This is hydrangea scale insect Pulvinaria hydrangeae. On the photograph is, actually, the white waxy cover that protects the eggs. The infestation is not so big. I cut off the most of the infested foliage. I need to spray insecticides in case I missed some. They are sap-sucking insects causing foliage loss and weakening of the plant.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Vegetable Garden

I was waiting for the new foliage to appear on my Japanese persimmon so, I could clearly decide what to cut off. As you can see on the photo, all the tips need to be removed. No fruits this year but, I am happy the tree lives. 

The frost clearly slowed down the growth of many plants in my vegetable garden but, they survived. The peas develop the pods and the runner beans finally started to twine around the sticks. It took them so long to germinate.

The cabbage looks good.

 The lettuce seedlings are already transplanted on the other place and I will eat the rest as such. The carrot and onion are a good companions. I don't grow onion for the winter but, eat them green before they mature. To prolong the cropping season, I plant sets every two weeks from early march to June.

I cut off the lemon balm and spread it to dry. I love that gentle lemon scent the herb has due to the essential oil. 

The First Peas

I picked up the first 'American Wonder' peas today. In the beginning, it germinated very poorly and I have to sow it again filling up the empty spaces. It grew up pretty well eventually, and I started to pick up the pods. I am expecting quite a good crop of peas this year, they look all very healthy.

I found some Chanterelle mushrooms in the park. They are very small. I have been checking out the site for two days, and they did not grow any bigger. They will be a nice addition to the vegetable stew I plan to cook tomorrow.



Friday, 10 June 2016

More Roses

'Augusta Louise'

'Alnwick Castle'

'Cardinal de Richelieu'

'Crown Princess Margareta'


Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Roses Take Over

'Felicite et Perpetue'

'Donau Prinzessin'

'Angela' and 'Donau Prinzessin'



'Chapeau de Napoleon'

'James Galway'

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

It is Alive

After many days of standing still, the Japanese persimmon started to grow new foliage (again)! The 'sleeping buds' woke up and grow bigger every day.

I'll have to prune some branch tips. These are mostly this year's new growth which couldn't stand the frost. No fruits this year but,  I am so happy the tree lives!