Monday, 27 June 2016

All's Well That Ends Well

I wanted some rain, and I got it. It was more that 'some'. Be careful what you wish for. It was raining cats and dogs for more than half an hour.

Pity I haven't more plastic barrels like that. I could fill at least ten of them!

The most horrible was the strong wind that accompanied the rain. To my surprise, it did not do much damage in the garden. But it did in the town park and the parts of the town which are on the higher ground. The phone has been ringing all the time, my friends checking out how I am. They have water in the cellar and broken trees in the garden.

The town park borders with my and my neighbour's gardens and serves much as the protection from wind. But, the old oak trees couldn't resist. They broke as the toothpicks.


  1. That must have been some storm, to break big oak trees like that!

  2. Heavy rain and strong wind at the same time he is probably one of the worst things that can happen when the garden is in full leaf.

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