Monday, 20 June 2016

Pesky Pests

To my horror, I found the two different pests on my plants in the garden. I say 'horror' because the first one is exactly that. It is a moth that attacks the box called Cydalima perspectalis. It is not native to Croatia and has no predators here. It came with the plant material from Asia and spreads all over the Europe as well. The caterpillar may be so numerous, that they could destroy the entire hedges literally overnight. And, it could be up to three generations of them in a year. I had no other choice, but to spray insecticides. We'll see what happens next. 

This is hydrangea scale insect Pulvinaria hydrangeae. On the photograph is, actually, the white waxy cover that protects the eggs. The infestation is not so big. I cut off the most of the infested foliage. I need to spray insecticides in case I missed some. They are sap-sucking insects causing foliage loss and weakening of the plant.


  1. Because plants are shipped all round the world these days it must be very difficult to ensure that pests don't travel with them. Box seems to be particularly vulnerable to attack too.

  2. Imported species with no natural predators are a problem aren't they?


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