Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Vegetable Garden

I was waiting for the new foliage to appear on my Japanese persimmon so, I could clearly decide what to cut off. As you can see on the photo, all the tips need to be removed. No fruits this year but, I am happy the tree lives. 

The frost clearly slowed down the growth of many plants in my vegetable garden but, they survived. The peas develop the pods and the runner beans finally started to twine around the sticks. It took them so long to germinate.

The cabbage looks good.

 The lettuce seedlings are already transplanted on the other place and I will eat the rest as such. The carrot and onion are a good companions. I don't grow onion for the winter but, eat them green before they mature. To prolong the cropping season, I plant sets every two weeks from early march to June.

I cut off the lemon balm and spread it to dry. I love that gentle lemon scent the herb has due to the essential oil. 


  1. Your climbing beans grow in a different way to mine. Mine shoot up to the top of their canes before putting on much foliage down below. Yours seem to have loads of leaves already.

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