Wednesday, 20 July 2016


About a month ago, I turned the existing compost heap or, better be said, I transferred the material into another wire cage. It downsized to a half. I sowed the courgettes on the top of it. Now the compost heap has a natural cover and the courgettes have plenty of organic fertiliser to feed on. See how healthy and big leaves they have?

These two plants in the picture above occupied three square meters of ground are still thriving in all directions. They have plenty of space to spread themselves because they grow on the no man's land (as I call it). That is the piece of land behind my garden fence where I have my compost heaps. I keep it tidy and weed free. It actually belongs to the town park, but it is not used for the public. The shrubs and trees hide it from the viewers. 
They grow on the previous compost heap and are self-sown. Clearly, the seeds originate from the old courgettes I threw on the compost heap. They overwintered intact and testify how mild the winter was.

The chilli peppers grow in an old wash bowl.

Thank God, the heat wave is over. The temperatures stay below 30°C over the day and the nights are nicely cool. We had lots of rain recently and the garden is thriving. 


  1. That's a good way to grow courgettes. I would be tempted to do it myself, if we liked courgettes!

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