Monday, 27 March 2017

Frosty Mornings, Warm Daytime

So it usually is at the end of March and in April - the mornings are cold, frost and temperatures below zero as it was today are no rare. And during the day the temperature rise up to 20°C. I took this photograph early in the morning today. It was - 3°C, the water froze in the small dish at the table on the terrace. I check it out the plants that sprouted. they seem not to suffer any damage.

I picked up the first asparagus of the season yesterday and had them for lunch. They are early this year. No wonder, with this above average day temperatures in March. I did most of the weeding in the ornamental garden and planted an apple. The cultivar is called 'Idared'. It is a sweet and juicy apple, excellent for baking and cooking and good for eating and freezing too.

After the soil sets down a bit, I am going to stake it.

The peas are out as well as the early peonies.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Seeding Tomatoes

According to the biodynamic calendar, today is the good day to sow all the vegetables we grow for fruit. So, I seeded the tomatoes. I washed all the modules yesterday afternoon and bought some seeding substrate. I rather use the bought one than my own because it is sterile and thus eliminate the possibility of fungal diseases to break and ruin the seedlings.

I seeded three varieties of tomatoes 'Maskotka', 'Gigantomo' and ' Pintyno'. I never try these before. I am particularly curious about the 'Gigantomo'. It is supposed to be an impressive 1.7 m plant with fruits weighing 1.3 kg! I am going to make wire cages to support the plant. 

Well, I hope they will be fine in my handy greenhouse which is, actually, my grilling place. 

The leeks are growing slowly and seem to like their new home. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Being Constructive

It was my engineering day today. I made the garden twine holder out of a 2 litre plastic bottle and a few trellis for the runner/climbing beans. 

The vegetable garden is ready for the new season. I am only waiting for the warmer weather to start sowing and planting. 

Bergenia is among the first bloomers.

I got an interesting cultivated Primula today. 

The radishes are coming out.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Garden Update

The rhubarb woke up.

At the moment, there is not much to do in my garden. I did some clearing of the flower beds some week ago. I also prepared the entire vegetable garden for sowing and planting. And that's all for the time being. Actually, the days are still pretty cold and windy with frosty mornings, and it is not very pleasant to work outside.
I only planted the onion sets and sowed the peas.

The spring flowers are all around, crocuses, hellebores, anemones, irises. 

The weather on Friday was almost unreal, constant change of rain and sun, the fantastic dark clouds and bright skies. 

And, when the sun and rain finally came together, they produced this lovely rainbow. I took the photos from the balcony of my house.