Monday, 27 March 2017

Frosty Mornings, Warm Daytime

So it usually is at the end of March and in April - the mornings are cold, frost and temperatures below zero as it was today are no rare. And during the day the temperature rise up to 20°C. I took this photograph early in the morning today. It was - 3°C, the water froze in the small dish at the table on the terrace. I check it out the plants that sprouted. they seem not to suffer any damage.

I picked up the first asparagus of the season yesterday and had them for lunch. They are early this year. No wonder, with this above average day temperatures in March. I did most of the weeding in the ornamental garden and planted an apple. The cultivar is called 'Idared'. It is a sweet and juicy apple, excellent for baking and cooking and good for eating and freezing too.

After the soil sets down a bit, I am going to stake it.

The peas are out as well as the early peonies.

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