Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Seeding Tomatoes

According to the biodynamic calendar, today is the good day to sow all the vegetables we grow for fruit. So, I seeded the tomatoes. I washed all the modules yesterday afternoon and bought some seeding substrate. I rather use the bought one than my own because it is sterile and thus eliminate the possibility of fungal diseases to break and ruin the seedlings.

I seeded three varieties of tomatoes 'Maskotka', 'Gigantomo' and ' Pintyno'. I never try these before. I am particularly curious about the 'Gigantomo'. It is supposed to be an impressive 1.7 m plant with fruits weighing 1.3 kg! I am going to make wire cages to support the plant. 

Well, I hope they will be fine in my handy greenhouse which is, actually, my grilling place. 

The leeks are growing slowly and seem to like their new home. 

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