Monday, 10 April 2017

Compost Place

I have the two locations in my garden for compost bins. They have to be tidy just as the other so, I did some clearing yesterday. I used some old brick and stones to make a path before the compost bins. It is very useful during the rainy days, I don't have to walk on mud. I am now filling in the first bin, The compost in the second bin is ready to be used. I will pass some of it through the sieve, I need it for the flower containers.

The compost bin I made from the palettes is falling apart, the 'door' at least. I have to look for some replacement. The boards still look good, maybe they only need the repairment.
I use the plastic black bin only for fallen leaves. I got it from our community service during the action called 'Minimise the household waste'. 

I planted winter squashes onto the compost heap last year. The foliage made a good cover protection from drying, and the squashes had plenty of nutrients in the decomposing heap. 

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