Friday, 14 April 2017


To my great joy, all the flower seeds germinated very well. And they germinated only in ten days. Isn't is interesting to see all of these different kinds of seedlings?

I keep them under cover all the time to protect them from too much sun during the day and the low temperatures overnight. In a week or so, there will be lots of pricking out to do.
I still have some flower seeds to sow but, I am going to sow it directly in the flower beds where they are to flower. Some flowers don't like to be transplanted, and it is best to sow it this way.
Many beautiful spring flowers are on display in my rock garden now.

Paeony (no name)

Iberis sempervirens

Pulsatilla vulgaris (Anemone pulsatilla)

Phlox divaricata

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