Thursday, 6 April 2017

Sowing the Seeds

According to the biodynamic calendar, the period from 3rd to 17th April is the best for all kinds of work in the garden. The days are pretty warm so, I have decided to sow the vegetables accordingly. The plants are divided into the three groups, depending on which part of them we use as food; root, fruit or leaves. There are also specific days for dealing with the flowers. I did it a few days ago.

I seeded the chard and beetroot yesterday. Tomorrow is the 'fruit day' so, I am going to sow dwarf beans, french beans and climbing beans right on the site. I have already prepared all the beds for the job by digging in plenty of compost  and cow manure pellets. The cucumbers, squashes, courgettes and pumpkins go into the pots. Last year the frost ruined most of the cucurbits, and I had to sow them again. I will plant them out in May when the risk of frost pass away. I use to pre-soaked all the seeds for faster germination. We haven't had much rain recently.  

The peas look great. Though it is a low growing pea variety, I put some twigs as the support. 

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  1. I like you pea patch. I don't know how many times I failed on growing peas.


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