Friday, 21 April 2017

Summa Summarum of the Snowy Day.

Obviously, it was below zero overnight 'cause I found a thick layer of ice on my water tank in the vegetable garden. But, there was no real frost, and I don't see any frost or cold damage on the plants.

Actually, the snow and the wind are guilty of the damage. Many herbaceous perennials bent under the weight of very wet snow, mostly peonies and hostas.

The flower-full lilac crown was too heavy for it too. I need to cut it 50 cm above the ground. It will grow new branches.

Rhubarb and another peony are laying on the ground.

Hosta 'Suma and Substance'

I will leave all the plants to rise up naturally. So it looked like last year after the frost in May. All the peonies and hostas recovered. It is supposed to get warmer tomorrow and as they dry they will slowly rise up. Finally, I 'll see if anything needs staking.


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