Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Vegetable Garden Update

Undoubtedly, May and June are the months when my garden looks at its best. Tha's is probably in many of the other gardens because most of the plants bloom in this period of the year. Irises and peonies slowly fade away, but the roses take over. The other flowering plants, such as Kniphofia nad Hemerocallis, will flower very soon.

The weather is getting warmer and, when I can, I have to go to the garden very early in the day. Last weekend I mostly worked in the vegetable garden. The peas have the pods and are still blooming a lot.

The Swiss chard and beetroot are doing very well. The runner beans started to twine around the supports I made.

I had lots of not yet fully broken down compost and spread it all over the tomato beds as an about 10 cm thick mulch. It will certainly benefit the tomato growth. As an addition to this, I made 10 litres of comfrey fertiliser. It is especially good for tomatoes. I use it diluted 1:10 and water the plants directly onto the root.

Now is the time to plant the flower seedlings on their place in the garden. This year I sowed lots of flowers, among them the lupins, nasturtiums, asters, zinnias, and pot marigolds. To my great surprise, I found some of the pots empty! Some animal dug out the seedlings. 


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