Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Finally Rain

As I said, finally rain! It filled the barrels under the water spouts and watered well the garden. For last few days, I have been looking into the sky and praying for some rain. There were dark clouds and even the thunder, but not a drop of rain. Until today. 

Yesterday evening, I have planted out my cucumbers. As you can see, some of them like 'Cetriolo' germinated well while the other named 'Cornichons de Paris' didn't. 

I made the bed with lots of compost mixed into the soil and added the support because I want my cucumbers to climb. Tomorrow I will spread some more compost as a mulch all over the veggie beds. When I removed the front pallet from the compost heap, I was really surprised to see how dark it is.

 Beautiful. I guess this compost heap was properly made. I had enough of brown material to mix with the green + kitchen waste.

I am looking forward to working in the garden tomorrow, emptying the bin and starting the new heap.

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