Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Mulching the Vegetable Garden

As I said yesterday, I opened one of my compost bins and saw it is ready for use. I have just finished mulching my vegetable garden beds. The compost was this time incredibly dark.

I think I the brown to green material ratio was almost ideal because I had plenty of leaves, cardboard and brown paper, plus, kitchen waste, some sheep manure and green waste. So, I could always make a good mixture of diverse material. 

I also poured over it dead nettle and comfrey manure a few times. It is a very good composting process activator. The compost is about ten months old. Lovely to see the creatures in it.

And, this is the final result.


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    1. Thank you. Love to read the news from your garden too.

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    1. I must say, this year so far I have no pests or diseases in the garden.


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