Friday, 21 July 2017

Another Harvest

Every gardener knows what a pleasure it is picking up the fruits and vegetables from ones own garden. 

The days are pretty hot and dry and I need to water the garden frequently.  I water the vegetable garden every day in the evening. The flower beds are densely planted and I can do the watering every three days.

The Day Lilies and Echinaceas are blooming tirelessly. The white Phlox and Oxeye daisies are the new addition to the whole display now. The bees and the butterflies are everywhere.

The vase at the house entrance is not as lush as the last year because this year I couldn't find the plants I wanted. Anyway, it doesn't look so bad, does it?

And, one interesting thing to end up this post. I had a few potatoes from the last season left in a sack in my cellar. They formed the new potatoes on the shoots. It is a proof that the potato tubers are anatomically stem tubers. The roots are not necessary because old potato serves as the feed storage. At least for some time

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