Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cherry Tomatoes

Yesterday afternoon I was checking up my pumpkins and was really surprised to realize how much cherry tomatoes are still there on the crawling branches. These are self-seeded tomatoes and I never gave them any support because there is plenty of lands for them to spread. They grow between pumpkin and squash vines and seem to tolerate each other well. If the weather would be favorable, I would soon have another good harvest of tomatoes.

I also harvested another kind of tomato and kohlrabi. I pick up the carrots and parsley, runner beans and swiss chard. The summer was pretty hot and many vegetables, like runner beans, for example, were in some state of dormancy, if I may say so. Now, with lower temperatures and proper rain, they came alive.

I certainly have prepared the soil well for the root vegetable. The carrots and parsley are pretty long, but this one on the photo broke the record with 47 cm! 

It is time to collect and sort out the seed. I have already collected the seed of many flowers. Now I am drying the seeds of butternut squash and cucumbers. I found one big yellow cucumber that I missed by picking. I'll see if it is going to germinate the next year.

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