Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sowing Tomatoes

These are the varieties of tomatoes I have just sown in the modules. The air temperature of - 3°C and the cold sleet prevented me to do it outside but, never mind. This year I used Mr Fothergill's and T&M seeds.

This is the list of varieties:
'Garden Pearl'
'Golden Sunrise'
'San Marzano'
'Black Russian'

As the weather conditions were unfavourable to do the job outside, I prepared the modules the day before sowing. I put them into the house to warm up the sowing substrate. The seeds were soaked in the chamomile tea for 12 hours.

I put them in the veranda on the southern side of the house where they receive enough light and warmth to grow.

I also have sown hot pepper 'Cayennetta', pepper 'Grill Red', chilli 'Jalapeno' and aubergine 'Patio Mix'.

Monday, 12 March 2018

The New Compost Boxes

Recently, I got some pallets and decided to make compost boxes. The ten of them is right enough to make a line of three.

The idea is to fill the box 1 in the first season. The middle box is used for collecting and storing excess material. As the material in box 1 shrinks, refill it from box 2. The next year, fill the box 3 and use compost from the box 1. This way I don't have to turn the heaps, but only wait for compost to be ready. 

So far, I made the two of the boxes. The old one, as seen in the photo, still contains some of the compost. I need to sift it and spread on the beds in the vegetable garden. It started to rain and I haven't finished the job.  
The black plastic container which I got from our council (free) is used only as the storage for leaves. It is an important source of so-called 'brown material' which is usually in short supply when making the right compost mixture.
I also have two compost boxes made of wire mesh with wooden studs in the corners. 

Sunday, 4 March 2018


There are still a few kumquats left on the tree. I ate the two of them today.