Sunday, 29 April 2018

Pricklng Out Tomatoes

I am quite satisfied, my tomatoes germinated very well. They have developed the first true leaves, and it was time to prickle them out. I sowed them in late March, eight varieties.

I have three cherry varieties, 'Garden Pearl', 'Red Cherry', and 'Supersweet'. The others are 'Super Marmande', 'Black Russian', 'Tigerella', 'Golden Sunset', and 'San Marzano'.

I am going to plant them out in two or three weeks. It is already pretty warm, but I am afraid of the frost that is still possible even in May. So it was last year when the frost in May killed all of my pumpkins, cucumbers and courgettes and I had to sow them again. 

These are the seedlings of the winter squash 'Autumn Crown'. The pumpkins and courgettes germinated quite quickly because of the warm days.  
 Lately, the air temperatures reached up to 29°C. I will leave them too in the pots until mid - May or so. I won't be risking losing the plants again because of the frost.

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  1. I miss growing our tomatoes from seed. We now buy it at a local nursery. I am so happy that we will be getting fresh veggies from our garden. I hate store bought ones.


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