Friday, 1 February 2013


Apparently, my house plants feel good. My Alocasia macrorrhizos decided to bloom too. This plant from the arum family, Araceae comes from the rain forest of Malaysia.

This is the typical inflorescence of the arum plants.  In nature, these are really giant plants but in pots they reach up to 1.8 m in hight. They rhizomes produce really large leaves. 

Small drops of water used to appear on the edge of the leaf, which is know as guttation.

During Summer I keep the pots outside. In the house, they need bright and warm place, regularly watering, and sprinkling of the leaves.
The stem is edible, but it contains crystals of calcium oxalate which irritate the skin. I presume, it has to be well cooked before eating!


  1. Very "statuesque"! I was born in Malaysia, and I remember we had lots of plants like this in our enormous garden.

  2. A very familiar face I see there. Do be careful as parts of this plant is poisonous to consume although does have medicinal value.


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